All your gift ideas in one list !

Ookoodoo's wishlist is the best way to regroup all the products you like from every e-commerce websites and to share them with all your friends


We made a list for the birth of our little Clara. We got exactly what we had wished for, without ending up with 6 teddy bears like it happened for my first child.close quote
It's already the third time that I use Ookoodoo for birthday wishlists of my friends. Endless hours of looking for the perfect present are now over, and i'm sure to make them happy. On top of that, this time I've received a discount on my product.close quote
I love it! It's a little bit like shopping from home without spending any cent. And now I only get presents that I really love :-)close quote

Free wishlist


Wishlist Ookoodoo is free* and without obligation. You fill your gift list with the products of your choice without restriction. And if you change your mind about the products added to your list, you can remove them at any time. Finally, if the products are not reserved on your gift list, you do not have to buy them.

*Out pool service

Pool service

Our pool service allows your family and friends to participate in your list with ease. They can either contribute to the purchase of an expensive product (stroller, travel, TV, ...), or pay the full amount of a product in the pool with the express purchase. This feature allows people unfamiliar with shopping online to make you a gift.

How to participate to a gift list ?

Ookoodoo offers independent listing service e-commerce sites. We do not manage the purchase of products. When booking, your relatives have different possibilities:
- Buy the product on the e-commerce site where it was found
- Pour the price for the product in your pool
- Reserve simply the product and buy it wherever they want