Create and edit a gift list

Can I really pick products from any website?

The Ookoodoo website offers you a gift list service that gives you access to all e-commerce sites with no exceptions. So if you want to add to your gift list the products that you can not find on Ookoodoo, you are free to choose any item from any other store.

How can I add products in a wishlist?

There are several ways to add products to your Ookoodoo's wishlist: with the "Add to my list" button, from our mobile app, from our custom products suggestion tool or by adding products manually.
You can visit this page to find all these tools.

Can I edit a list?

You can edit your giftlist whenever you want. Changes include the name of the list, his description, the products, the list category, its visibility...

Do unreserved products have to be purchased when a list is closed?

When you close a wishlist, you don't have to purchase the unreserved gifts.

Do people who wish to offer a gift have to register on Ookoodoo?

To offer you a present out of your list, your friends do not have to subscribe. When creating your list, chose the option of a public list and protect it with a password. You will then transfer to your friends and family the list number or the link to your list as well as the password you’ve set for it.

Reserve a gift

Must I have an account on Ookoodoo to make a reservation of a gift?

To make a reservation on an Ookoodoo gift list, you don't need to have your own account. Besides, Ookoodoo service is totally free.

How can I cancel a reservation I made on a product?

If you have an Ookoodoo account, you can cancel your own reservation by clicking on the "Unblock" button. If you don't have an account, send us the request using the contact form below. Please mention the product reference, the list number and the email with wich you've made the reservation.

Purchase and delivery of a gift

How can I purchase my orders?

The payment happens on the e-store where the product is being sold. Various payment modes are available depending on the website.

Are there any shipping fees?

Shipping fees will depend on the terms and conditions of the web store where you'll purchase your product.

How long will the delivery take?

The delivery time is specific to the websites where you have purchased your products.

Do the products added to a list benefit from the website's special promotions?

Yes. When you add a product to your list, you can find the price and possibly additional promotion, on your list. To benefit from the promotion, the purchase of the product must happen before the end of the promotion on the online store.

Gift with contribution

How can I use the contribution option?

This option allows your friends to participate in the purchase of an expensive gift for you by donating money on your PayPal account. If you don't have one, you can make one free and safely on the PayPal site. Click on the "Contribution" button for the product you would like to buy in group. Your friends will then donate money directly from their bank account to your PayPal account, when clicking on the "Contribution" button.

How can I purchase a gift in contribution with my Paypal account?

This option allows your friends to participate in the purchase of an expensive gift by making a donation to your Paypal account. If you do not have a paypal account, you can create on for free and securely on Paypal’s site. Then click on the "Contribution" button on the products in your list that you want your friends to contribute to. Donations from friends and family go directly from their bank account to your Paypal account.