Birth list necessities

For your baby's arrival, you have to think of everything, and some things aren't obvious. We forget some of the things we need!

Thanks to the Ookoodoo birth list, you'll be able to choose and create your list of gifts, clothes, and other objects that you need from any site you wish.

Creating the list is free and easy, and it will allow you to have a list of essential childcare products right before your eyes. Family and friends can often help with your baby budget. That's why we recommend that you choose products in various price ranges, so that everyone can be a part of buying presents for your baby.

To help you, we have come up with a list of necessary products that you'll need to think about for your baby's arrival. The list, which is grouped into categories, will also be a valuable help to your loved ones.


- One piece sleepers
- Pajamas
- Undershirts
- Pairs of socks
- Pairs of booties or slippers
- Bonnets
- Clothes for going out

For the bedroom and sleeping

- Bed
- Mattress
- Dresser
- Diaper changing table
- Night light
- Crib bumper pad
- Bed linens
- Sleeping bag
- Decorations


- Diaper changing mat
- Bathtub / bath seat
- Thermometer
- Bath lotion
- 2 or 3 bathrobes
- Grooming kit
- Bath toys
- Diaper bin


- Bottles
- Bottle nipples or pacifiers
- Bibs
- Plates and eating utensils
- Feeding
- Bottle warmer
- High chair
- Steamer or vaporizer
- Sterilizer

Early learning

- Mobile
- Play mat
- Playpen
- Walker
- Learning games
- Stuffed animals
- A rattle
- A baby chair / rocker
- A swing

Going out

- Baby carrier / sling
- Stroller
- Car seat
- Chancellor
- Travel bed
- Carry bag
- Diaper bag

Safety and Security

- Intercom or baby monitor
- Security gate
- Safety caps (for wall outlets)
- Child safety locks for doors, cabinets, and drawers