Why should you create a birth list on Ookoodoo ?

Prepare for your baby's arrival

Your baby's birth is quickly approaching and it's time to share the news with your friends! You've already started thinking about clothes and other children's things that you will need for your baby (and things that will make great gift ideas to help your loved ones!)

A birth list is free and easy to create, and it will give you the chance to have everything you need and want for your baby right before your eyes, so you won't forget anything!

Your custom made birth list

birth wishlist

Doing all of this is a big job, and the Ookoodoo birth list will allow you to manage your wish list of everything you want for your newborn baby.

It gives you the possibility of having all the necessary products online and available at any time. Create your wish list for free, choosing the exact products that you'd like - from any online retailer or available brands!

Share your birth list with your family and friends

After choosing your gifts on the birth list form, it will be possible to let your friends and family know about it, thus informing them of your true needs and things you'd like to have.

Then they will be able to access your personalized list on the Internet and choose the presents they want to buy for the joyous event.

For those people who have no idea what to give, the gift list is the best way to guide them with their purchases and help them give presents that will be useful to you and make you happy!