Un service de cagnotte simple

Ookoodoo vous offre l'opportunité de transformer un simple produit en pot commun.
You can use it to prepare a family group gift, help you reach a costly gift, organise your honeymoon, prepare a friend's common present or every other thing requesting dons you can imagine.

Once you added a product into your list, you will have the possibility to choose the "donation option". With it your friends will be able to make a donation for you gift. You will see a gradient bar showing percentage of dons achieved before reaching your product price. After each friend's transaction you will receive an email, describing who donated in addition with the short message he left you.

We chose the Paypal solution, as it's actually the most secure option for internet payment. All donations will immediately appear into your Paypal account as soon as one of your friends makes one. You will then be able to purchase a gift with it or to require a transfer to your bank account.