How does it work?

step 1

Create your wishlist

You can create as many wishlists as you want for all kinds of events: birth, birthday, Christmas...

Your wishlists are entirely customizable: change the color, modify the picture, add a short description and the date of the event, organize the products, indicate your preferences, your delivery address.

step 2

Fill your list

On each of our product page, you will find a "Add to my list" button to fill you list with just a simple click.

For the products that you think they are too expensive, you can activate a contribution. It will allow your friends and relatives to participate in the purchasing of these products.

You can also complete your list with products from other sites. To know more about this feature, please consult this page.

step 3

Share your list with your friends

Once your wishlist is filled, you can share it with your friends.

You have several ways of sharing your list:

  • sending a customized e-mail announcement
  • sharing on the social networks Facebook and Twitter

Like all our services, the list sharing is totally free.

step 4

Receive your gifts

Your friends participate very easily in your list by reserving the product of their choice, in order to avoid duplicates.

Then they buy the product and decide where they want it to be delivered, at their place to hand it over to you, or at yours. If you have a preference, specify it in the description of your list.